What Is a Land Survey Plan?

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What is a land survey plan? Simply put, it’s an official document created by an accredited and licensed land surveyor. The land in question is researched, measured and recorded. In some cases, topographical information may be included, depending on the needs of the owner at the time of the survey. Land surveys will also include the location of any structures that may have been on the land at the time the survey was conducted, as well as their positions relative to the boundaries of the land. Critically, easements and right-of-ways are also recorded on the survey plan.

Land surveys are often used to settle boundary disputes and are vital to anyone looking to develop their land by building or demolishing structures, as they’re mandatory when applying for a building permit. Property survey plans are also valuable to anyone looking to buy or sell land because they clearly illustrate the extent of the property and include road allowances and right-of-ways.

There are a few ways to obtain a property survey. A new one can be performed, but for many uses, an archived copy of a previously conducted survey will suffice. If you aren’t sure which type is best for you, speaking with a professional in the industry will be your best course of action.
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If you’re a landowner or plan to be one in the future, you might be well advised to learn a little more about land survey plans. What is a land survey plan? It may be best described as a snapshot of a specific property. It clearly shows the boundaries and measurements of the land, and will include the position of any structures relative to the location of the boundaries. Land survey plans are often heralded as the most important document in the real estate transaction.

New Survey

The best way to get the most accurate and up to date depiction of a specific piece of land is to commission a new survey. A team of licensed professionals will visit the land and take precise measurements using specialized equipment. The team will very rarely need to enter any buildings on the land, which makes it simple to fit a visit into any schedule. Once the survey has been completed, you’ll receive a digital copy as well as several signed and sealed hard copies for your records.

Archived Solutions

Depending on your needs, the survey plan from a previously conducted survey may be an ideal solution. They can be found by performing a quick search of the substantial database curated by the best in the industry. Simply input the address of the land; once found, download the survey for a very reasonable fee.
A land survey plan is an excellent resource for landowners and potential buyers alike. New surveys are your best option but an archived copy of a previously performed survey is oftentimes a more cost-effective alternative. If you’re unsure of which type of survey you require, it never hurts to contact the most reputable in the industry with your questions. The professional staff will be happy to guide you to the solution that best suits your personal requirements. 

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